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Alpha's Music (pt. 3)

Alpha's Eleventh Trip was released in summer of 2012, just as I was relocating to New Mexico from Alabama. The release of this new album certainly brought happiness to an otherwise stressful time. I was recently divorced, leaving my family in the South, and moving 2000 miles across the country to a new job. I was excited to start my new job and live in an actual city, but I was lonely and sad. This album had a sense of gravitas that really resonated with me. Corin's sense of color and the overall soundscape really excels in this album. I would describe the overall sound as - purple (synesthesia - yo!). The songwriting is exceptional. I love the opening track "In This." I also love "Covers Been Blown" - both feature the superb vocals of Hannah Collins. However, one of Duncan Atwood's track Stay is a true masterpiece. It is haunting, ethereal, and lush. I remember listening to this album on repeat in my first apartment in Albuquerque. When I met my wife-to-be Ingela that Fall I immediately gifted her a bunch of music by Alpha. It was my attempt to woo her. Hey...I guess it worked! Thanks Corin! I hope you will all purchase the most recent album Failure to support the work of this fantastic artist.

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