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More about Alpha (pt. 2)


The third Alpha full-length, Stargazing was released in 2003. I might have to share two songs from this one. It is a fantastic album! I purchased my copy of the CD at a music store in the Galleria Mall in Birmingham, AL. Something about this album evokes an urban soundscape. As someone from small town rural Alabama, it felt amazing to visit big cities when I started traveling for opera auditions. In particular, I always loved my audition trips to New York. For me this album encapsulates the feeling of taking a taxi into the city, riding the subway, and walking up and down the streets of Manhattan.

The following music video is awesome! I dig this song so much!

I often still find myself listening to the 2nd track, Once Round Town, when I am in NYC. It still gives me "All the feels!"

The Sky is Mine

I mentioned previously that this band creates incredibly cinematic music. The album The Sky is Mine is the epitome of that sound. Little known fact - I love James Bond. I think when I was a kid I wanted to be James Bond. Maybe even as an adult I wanted to be Bond...I did wear a white tuxedo jacket to a casino with my bff John Belcher (JohnJohn) a few years ago. I have literally seen every Bond movie. When I told Ingela this a few years ago her response was, "Cool. How many are there, like 6" There are 26!

Why am I talking about James Bond? Several songs on this album remind me of Bond opening credit songs. This epic masterpiece - A Little Poison - really captures this.

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